Piranha Responsibility

Piranha Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to quality regardless of whether we are referring to our own work, those that work with us, or our impact on the communities around us. We have implemented this CSR Policy as a company statement about how we conduct ourselves in a manner that is fair, ethical, and hopefully beneficial to every person or entity that we come in contact with while conducting our daily operations.

Our goal in publishing this policy is to let those that have a stake in our organization know that we are conscious of more than just profit and we genuinely care about the well-being of our employees, our environment, and our community, today and in the future.

Please read this statement with the understanding that as the demands of all of the groups just mentioned change, we are prepared to adapt or conform to make sure that we are truly operating in the best possible way we can for all parties involved.

Piranha and Its Employees

We strive to offer all of our employees a healthy work/life balance. We are constantly trying to instill the importance of family and friends and participation in the community to our employees. Piranha makes a promise to each employee that there will be a career path for them at our company and it is both the employee and the employer’s responsibility to drive the employee to that success.

Through training and education we are doing our best to open new doors to those who have decided to come and join the Piranha Technologies team. We try to instill passion and pride into our employees about the work that they do while on the job and our goal is to have that transcend into their personal relationships so their overall quality of life improves.

We want our employees to be able to say that they have become better at their job, with their family, and in the community since coming to work for Piranha Technologies.

We practice and adhere to the Fair Labor Association Workplace Code of Conduct, comply with Fair Labor Standards Act, as well as OSHA Job Safety and Health Laws. We pride ourselves on exceeding these minimums and try to maintain exemplary work conditions at our office and all of our job sites.

Piranha and the Environment

With continued awareness and focus being placed on the Environment in both personal and corporate arenas, Piranha Technologies is proud to say that we are, and have been, focused on working as Environmentally Clean as we know possible. We are conscious of the hazards and long-term effects that can be incorporated in some of the materials we use and we have implemented strategies to mitigate those risks, if not eliminate them entirely.

We recycle 100% of our un-used materials and as a part of our normal installation process we remove all abandoned materials on the job site at no additional cost and recycle those materials as well. Furthermore, we partner only with those companies that have Green Initiatives under way and try to act as an example to our competition on how to manage their business with the environment in the forefront of their minds.

It is our goal to leave as small of a “footprint” as we can while still supporting the demands of our employees and customers. We are in tune with the latest information from the Environmental Protection Agency as it concerns best practices and warnings of hazardous materials and activities.

Our Supply Chain Management strategy incorporates a “cradle to grave” understanding of our responsibility to manage our materials from the time they are manufactured to the time they are recycled or disposed of, in the best manner possible. We focus on how we obtain our materials, how those materials are transported, how they are installed, and how they are removed and recycled. We are always looking for new practices and technologies that we can incorporate into our company to improve our Environmental Initiative.

Piranha and the Community

Piranha Technologies and its employees maintain active roles in our local communities. Whether it is involvement with nationally recognized charities like the United Way or the Red Cross or local high school pledge drives to support athletics or scholarship, we remain supportive with both human and financial contributions.

We support diversity in our communities and try to spread our contributions between groups of all ages, races, and social classes in a variety of community interests. In these efforts we also try to encourage our partners whether they are customers, vendors, or industry colleagues to join in these activities and help to share with each of them how important we believe it is to contribute to the communities around us.

Piranha strives to be known in the community as an organization that can be counted on and is consistent in its efforts to support its fellow community members. We will continue to adopt this philosophy throughout our company’s growth and consider our community involvement a cornerstone in our company’s pursuit of continued social responsibility and action.

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