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The Dave School Orlando, Florida

Summary: Completely re-wiring a soundstage on Universal Orlando’s back lot is a big undertaking, especially when technology is essential to your livelihood. The DAVE School knew communication and accountability were keys to their success; so, they sought a contractor that could offer a well-coordinated effort, with electrical, cabling and audio visual under the same umbrella.

Project Challenges: Managing multiple services with a sensitive schedule and sophisticated needs

Takeaway: A contractor that skillfully provides multiple services under one roof can be a great benefit to overall project coordination and results.

Details: When you think of box-office giants like Avatar, Shrek and Transformers, you think about amazing digital animation and visual effects. Yet, you rarely think about the people who create those effects, or the training it requires to hone their craft. That’s where the DAVE (Digital Animation and Visual Effects) School comes in. They offer an intensive, year-long curriculum that is renowned for its job placement. Their 16,000 sq. ft. facility includes 3 labs, a shooting stage with a 65’x 25’ green screen (the largest in Florida), and a state of the art motion capture system.

For the DAVE School, their revenue depends on having superior equipment that is functioning at optimum capacity. Steve Porter, the school’s Director of Information Technology, believes it’s what makes the school so successful. He said, “By having a studio that mimics the real work environment that they’re aspiring to become part of, we give them better preparation for their future roles.” When 10 years of growth plus a newly available soundstage on the Universal Orlando back lot equaled the perfect time to move, the DAVE School knew they would need a quality technology partner to help execute the relocation. “The wiring needs were a priority, because that’s how we run our facility. Without the students being able to sit down and use the technology at their desktop … we would not have been able to proceed.”

To learn how Piranha enabled The Dave School to "make the transition from one building to another with no interruption of service," download the pdf.


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