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Frontline Homeowners Insurance Lake Mary, FL

Summary: Purchasing and building out your own office space is a significant endeavor. Garnering expert resources and opinions is often the only way to achieve both physical and financial success. During Frontline’s project, they learned they could maximize results with the best technology resources, the fewest possible vendors, and the mutual goal of a long-term relationship.

Project Challenges: Helping an internal team navigate their first large office build-out

Takeaway: Creating your own office space involves decisions and challenges unlike other projects, but these can be overcome with industry experts, breadth of service and quality support.

Details: For over ten years, Frontline has provided homeowners throughout the Southeast U.S. with superior customer service from their offices in Lake Mary, Florida. In 2008, they pursued an opportunity to buy their own, 3-story office space in the same area. Because technology was an important part of
the construction build-out, Kurt Vonigut, the company’s Chief Information Officer, held responsibility for much of the project. Kurt had directed office infrastructure work before, but never to the extent of a 36,000 square foot, new building. As such, Kurt knew he wanted the best technology resources he could find locally, while managing the fewest possible vendor relationships.

The general contractor that was hired for the job recommended that Frontline consider Piranha Technologies in their bid process. Piranha’s competitive pricing, demonstrated knowledge, and diverse capabilities won them the job. Kurt said, “They were local. They got it. They understood everything we needed to get done and they were a one-stop shop for everything. We didn’t need to go through six different vendors to do six different things.“ To find out how Piranha completed structured cabling, A/V and security "on time and on budget," download the pdf.


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